Rehoming Megaesophagus Dogs




Transport Options

 If you don't live near the new foster or forever home, here are some safe animal transport groups who may be able to help. Be prepared to 1) wait sometimes quite a while to get on their schedule and 2) make sure your dog remains stable and can get the required Health Certificate prior to traveling across State lines or to a different country.

Pilots & Paws Facebook page:

Post any trip requests here: 

Pilots N Paws Website:


Animal Rescue Flights

 Wings of Rescue

 Rogers Rescue


Pups on Trucks

Flight for Life

Kittens and Puppies with Wings

United Airlines Pet Safe Program

These flights should be non-stop and usually run between $300-800 depending on distance. Very specific guidelines are set when using this, but they are extremely careful and have safely transported many of our ME dogs even from coast to coast. You will be required to purchase a few items specific to what is one their posting so make sure you check the site first prior to assuming this is the option for you. We can help you understand this process AND make sure you meet the necessary requirements basis this being an ME dog


For private individuals who are paid to safely transport contact Jill Porter at

IF you choose to use someone you know or a group of individuals to move your ME dog from your home to the new home, make sure you know everything this entails. We can also help you with this part too because anyone who carries your dog is responsible for its safety and well being which does mean taking many precautions.


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