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Jill Porter


This is me feeding our beloved ME GSD Sonnig. Sonnig was diagnosed at 8 ˝ yrs old and lived a great quality of life another 3 ˝ years.Second pic is our newly adopted ME GSD Gretylfrom an owner surrender situation. She just turned 1 and successfully had PRAA surgery.

I have supplied worldwide ME support 8+ years to numerous FB and Yahoo groups and individuals and am an ME Ambassador for Houston and surrounding areas.






Debbie Bennett Wuerzberger

This is Morgan, my GSD, at 6 weeks old, after being diagnosed with MegaEsophagus.  I would carry him around in a “front pack” for 20 minutes after every meal.  As he grew bigger, I would use a child’s walker.  I also have his full-blooded sister, Ruby, who was also diagnosed with MegaE.  Here is also my Coton de Tulear, Doodle, at 6 weeks old in his Bailey chair which my husband built for him.


I have been very active in the MegaEsophagus groups, both on Yahoo and Facebook, for the past 9 years, offering support to others and have also re-homed several MegaE dogs throughout the U.S. I am currently offering support to two families in my area that have MegaE pups and am an ambassador to promote awareness of this disease among both professionals and dog owners








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