Cricket is a purebred Labrador Retriever (field lines) from Selah, WA. She is with her breeder but this person has done everything possible to have full evaluation for Cricket thru the ME program at Washington State University (Dr Haines), as well as, study of her breeding program with Dr Leigh Clark. We were sent the medical files containing results of the testing and discussion resultant evaluation, so Joan is able to email interested homes with everything needed to fully disclose those findings.


Cricket is very easy to train and comes from field champion lines.   She is very talented, smart and has lots of hunting/retrieving instincts. She loves to retrieve and snuggle, so will make a great addition to the right home.


  • Current age: 1 yr, 3 mos old                        ●          Current weight: 48 pounds
  • Dogs Current Status: With owner/breeder ●          Location: Selah, WA



Timeframe needed to find a home: Most important is finding the right home ONLY in western US; so however long that takes she is safe


Medical information (spay/neuter, chipped, other health conditions if any, etc):

  • No other health conditions (great health; great body condition)
  • No signs of aspiration pneumonia
  • Thyroid levels are normal and tested negative for myasthenia gravis
  • Does not have Persistent Right Aortic Arch
  • Tested at Washington State University Vet Hospital
  • Not yet spayed
  • Has been microchipped
  • On a worming program
  • Eyes CERF
  • Had all her shots
  • Dew claws removed
  • Hips clear of dysplasia for several generations in pedigree
  • AKC limited registration

Where and how did we get this dog:

“I am the owner/breeder so have had her 15 months”


Where and how was ME diagnosed:

Animal hospital (give name if known): Washington State University Vet Hospital with Dr. Haines, DVM

X-rays or barium swallow: Both


Meds currently taken: None


Food brands and consistency (meatballs, milkshake, pureed, etc):

  • Currently eating Eukanuba Large breed puppy food with a spoonful of coconut oil for

added calories

  • Heat water in microwave for 1 min and poor on food
  • Let food sit for about 5 min (food is softened lightly)
  • Add thicket, probiotic and water to the consistency of beef stew

Fed how many times per day in what position and timeframe:

  • Eats 2 time per day (last feeding between 4 and 6 pm to give her plenty of time prior to

bed time)

  • Uses a Bailey Chair
  • Sits in the chair for 15 min after eating


Hydration method and consistency (Knox Blox, Thick It, SubQ, etc): Drinks using thicket

“NOTE: If I offer her thicket water I will follow up with about 6 mini semi soft dog treats and have her sit in her chair 8-15 min.”

Exercise preferred (if any) and level (high, moderate, low): Low exercise

“NOTE: I always throw a bumper for her after she has eating.   She is very fit and athletic (can leap over a doggy gate from a standing position). I limit her exercise due to the problem with water consumption.   I also keep her in an air-conditioned house to reduce the amount of water she needs.”




Items that will go to new owner (Pro Collar, chair, bed, health records, etc):

  • Bailey chair
  • Health records
  • Puppy packet with AKC registration



  • Loves other dogs
  • Has not been raised with cats or children
  • Have taken her to stores and such to get use to different people
  • Has basic obedience and leash training
  • Fully house broken
  • Fully crate trained (stays in one overnight; feels comfortable in one)


Additional notes (any other pertinent information that will help you decide if you might be safe, loving his forever home):

“I would prefer to find a family in the western US area.   I can make sure the puppy is the right fit for them.   If it doesn’t end up working out I can take her back fairly easily.   She is very easy to train and comes from field champion lines.   She is very talented, smart and has lots of hunting/retrieving instinct.   She loves to retrieve and she loves to snuggle…very personable.”