This is JACK JACK 



Jack Jack is a Lhasa is a sweet boy who loves to run and play. He has been with this rescue about 3 months after the owner purchased from a breeder then posted to Craigslist. Thankfully, this kind rescue took him in, got him diagnosed, and is managing his ME.

This particular ME situation appears to be extremely mild due to how they are feeding and that he can drink water freely. The only suggestion they make for his new home is that they do not have small children…this is due to him getting agitated (growls) when they hug him, so they are erring on caution. Otherwise, he LOVES to play, sleep with his humans, and is very well behaved.

  • Current age: 1 year old                      ●          Current weight: 14 pounds
  • Dogs Current Status: With foster      ●          Location: Anoka, MN

Medical information (spay/neuter, chipped, other health conditions if any, etc):

  • Neutered
  • Up to date with shots
  • Negative for heartworm and tick borne disease
  • Microchipped


Where and how did we get this dog:

Jack Jack was an owner surrender who was originally purchased from a breeder then posted to Craigslist


Where and how was ME diagnosed:

Animal hospital (give name if known): Kindest Cut LLC

X-rays or barium swallow: Barium, previous to joining our rescue he had x-rays done

Meds currently taken: None


Food consistency (meatballs, milkshake, pureed, etc) and position:

  • Dry kibble from elevated dish
  • Free fed from raised dish


Hydration method and consistency (Knox Blox, SubQ, Thick It, etc):

Drinks plain water


Items that will go to the new home:

  • Collar
  • Bed
  • Health records

Exercise preferred (if any) and level (high, moderate, low):

Loves to run in yard



  • Great with cats
  • Great with dogs
  • With regard to children, he will growl if they hug him so no young kids
  • Will resource guard at times by barking
  • Great on leash
  • Housebroken and asks to go outside to potty
  • Crate trained, but prefers to sleep in your bed and shares the bed nicely (usually lies

upside down at your feet and you don’t even know he is there!)

NOTES (any other pertinent information that will help you decide if you might be the safe, loving forever home):

“He does have an adoption fee to help offset the costs of his vetting.  Very sweet boy who loves cats and helps his foster mom watch over bottle fed kittens.  LOVES people and car rides.”