Here is SARABI

Sarabi is an adorable, very outgoing Lowchen. She LOVES children, playing like the puppy she still is, and having fun with her humans. Sarabi is full of life and energy, so please help her find the perfect safe, loving, forever home where she may thrive and enjoy best quality of life.


  • Current age: 6 months                                  ●          Current weight:  8.6 lbs
  • Dogs Current Status: With co-owner           ●          Location: LaBelle, Fl


  • Owners Name & Location: Rhonda Langford, LaBelle, Fl / Arlene Butterklee, Long

Island, NY

  • Contact info:  863.675.1549 (Rhonda)

Timeframe needed to find a home: ASAP

Medical information (spay/neuter, chipped, other health conditions if any, etc):

  •  Has puppy shots
  •  Intact – will to be spayed before new home

Where and how did we get this dog: Breeder 4 weeks ago


Where and how was ME diagnosed:

Animal hospital (give name if known): Florida Veterinary Referral Center

X-rays or barium swallow: Barium swallow

Meds currently taken: Sildenafil


Food brands and consistency (meatballs, milkshake, pureed, etc):

  •  Eats Nature’s Variety Instinct
  •  Soaked in water

Fed how many times per day in what position and timeframe:

  • Stays upright, 20-30 minutes after eating
  •  Fed 2 times a day


Hydration method and consistency (Knox Blox, SubQ, Thick It, etc):

  •   Gets water mostly through water in soaked kibble
  •  Can use Thick-it
  •  Has some sips through a licker bottle held up throughout the day
  •  Not keen on Knox blocks

Exercise preferred (if any) and level (high, moderate, low): ):

  •  Loves taking walks – they have 3 other small dogs
  •  Loves running and playing in the yard as all puppies do


Items that will go to new owner (Pro Collar, chair, bed, health records, etc):

Kong cloud collar that she uses occasionally


  • Very outgoing
  •  Loves everyone including 3 grandchildren
  •  Loves the other dogs and wants to play (but they are older and do not want to play)
  •  Walks great on leash
  •  Learning fetch although she would rather play chase
  •  Working on house breaking
  •  Has had clean, dry crate over night for past few nights – needs to potty right after eating
  •  Have to put her in x-pen to potty or she will just play around
  •  Stays in her crate when not supervised, or x-pen
  •  Crate is propped up on one end.

NOTES (any other pertinent information that will help you decide if you might be the safe, loving forever home)

“Really would like her to go to someone experienced with her problem.  She is too full of vim and vigor to be put to sleep. Would like her home to be near me if possible just to be able to check on her. Or near her co-owner in Ronkonkoma ( Long Island) NY.”

Revised: Mar 12, 2018