Here is TANNER


Tanner is a really sweet Hound mix and really needs to now find his forever home. He was with a family, but they couldn’t manage his ME well enough. They thankfully turned him over to a really good rescue group who are ME experienced and have him (and his ME brother) managed.

  • Dogs location (City/State): Billings, MT        ●          Current weight:  40 lbs
  • Breed: Hound mix                                          ●          Age: about 1 ½ years old
  • Owners name & location (City/State):  Stacee Barker, Billings, MT
  • Contact Information (phone numbers, email, FB, etc):


Tanner’s Petfinder ad:


Situation (foster, owned, DVM, boarding, rescue, etc): Foster home through Rez Dog Rescue


Timeframe needed to find a home:  Not urgent but sooner the better so he can start living in his forever home.

Where you got this dog and how long have you had it:  Tanner was turned over to Rez Dog Rescue in August 2015 because the family was struggling with his ME.  They tried for a year but it just got too much for them.  His brother who also has ME is in the same foster home.

Medical information (spay/neuter, microchipped, other health conditions):

  • Neutered
  • Up to date on all shots

Where and how ME was diagnosed

            Animal hospital (give name if known): Animal Care Center, Hardin, MT

            X-rays or barium swallow:  X-ray

Food brands and consistency fed (meatballs, milkshake, pureed, etc):

  • Fed soaked Kirkland brand (Costco) puppy food
  • Add mashed potatoes, peanut butter or yogurt and coconut to meals

NOTEFor example, add yogurt to breakfast, mashed potatoes to dinner, and peanut

butter to his snack.

  • Use yogurt melts and Gerber puffs or frozen yogurt treats for treats

Fed how many times a day:

  • Fed 2 full meals a day
  • Given one “snack” closer to bedtime

What position and timeframe is used:

  • Uses a bailey chair
  • Sits for about 30 minutes afterwards


Meds currently taken: None at this time

NOTETried metoclopramide in Oct. 2015 but I feel he got more aggressive with it.

Hydration method and consistency (Knox Blox, Thick It, SubQ, etc):

  • Usually add water (½ cup or so depending on how active he’s been) to his meals
  • Tries to drink from water bowl when he’s been running around and active and it usually

comes back up, unless he sits in his chair for some time

  • Does not like Knox Blox

Items that will go to new owner (Pro Collar, chair, bed, health records, etc):

  • Homemade Bailey chair
  • Neck hug

Exercise preferred (if any) and level (high, moderate, low):

  • Does have a lot of energy as he’s still young
  • Loves to run around and bark at the other dogs
  • Loves to play but can play rough


  • Unsure how he will act with new people (barks at new people) and new situation
  • Hasn’t been around children much
  • Will chase cats if they run – it’s a game to him
  • Gets along with most other dogs

NOTEWhen he was on Metoclopramide, he seemed to be more in the other dogs’

faces barking and trying to stir things up. He didn’t do that very much before. 

  • Isn’t a fan of small puppies if they get in his too close to his face
  • Will walk on a leash BUT isn’t fully trained and is a little unsure of it
  • Have used a head halter to walk him and he isn’t a fan but haven’t consistently worked

with him using it

  • Housebroken and uses a doggy door – not sure if he’d tell someone he needs to go out
  • Crate trained, but prefers to sleep on the couch or in the bed with his human.
  • Uses neck hug at night


Additional notes (any other pertinent information that will help you decide if you might be safe, loving his forever home):

Tanner really is a sweet boy that just needs his forever home.  He needs a fenced yard where he can run and play and be happy.