About Us

In Honor of ME Irish Wolfhound – MoeIn Memory of ME Great Pyrenees – Bones


For the past few years, several of us have had great success in helping to find homes for a small number of ME dogs and puppies in need of foster or forever homes. Two were even rescued from kill shelters, then placed in an ME skilled foster home prior to adoption (see Moe and Bones above). Periodically, an ME dog would “appear” with rehoming (foster or forever homes) needs, so it was managed via word of mouth or private emails seldom posting publicly that more assistance was needed by others. This was usually accomplished by just a handful of individuals and the process was unorganized, but workable.

Recently, an increasing number of these ME dogs and puppies have shown up not just on social media pages, but in some of our personal email boxes and from a variety of sources, including, but not limited to, veterinarians, military (a few had to give their dog up due to deployment) and law enforcement personnel, breeders, rescue groups, other private individuals, breed-specific Clubs, etc. As the numbers have grown, the system of word of mouth began not working well enough to benefit so many in need.

For these reasons, this website became a vision then had to quickly become a working, usable site due to the numbers growing beyond efforts of a few individuals. We hope Rehoming Megaesophagus Dogs (RMD) provides you a great source to post your dogs’ needs to network and find the best home possible.

Please know we rarely do all the work for you, but do provide this one location that is easily sent wherever we can to showcase your ME dog. It will be seen worldwide, so don’t limit yourself to your specific location. There are transportation options on this site as well, so think outside the box, though moving an ME dog takes great care. We highly suggest you join one of the support groups, listed in the Links section of this website, so you may ask questions as this rehoming process moves forward.

The ME dogs you see below are just a few of those who were able to find homes with the help from networking using this effort:

Bonnie Cinnamon Cooper

Frankie Hazel Nya


Sadie  Sassy  Squeak  Tovi

We do not pass judgmentas to why someone needs our networking support, but seek to help you get your dog in the safest, ME managed, loving home possible even if only a temporary foster situation until we have more time for networking to get the permanent home.

Every now and then, we hear about an ME dog in an animal shelter, so we do provide as much support for them as well. So far, those efforts have proven successful in getting the ME dog out and placed somewhere where we may begin the homing process. The obvious difficulty, when this scenario occurs, is there are many more contacts to make so that dog may (if at all possible) begin ME management while in the shelter. But…we do everything we can to help get these precious babies where they need to be.


Our Mission

Provide one source where Megaesophagus dogs needing homes may be posted and easily seen for networking


Alleviate cumbersome confusion of seeing and tracking status of these dogs through multiple locations and comment threads


Have easy access for folks to network their dog – simple to point someone directly to this website


Provide one document where interested fosters and adopters may see as much information as they may need to make that first initial decision


Allow your dog the most visibility in one location