Links for ME Support

IMPORTANT: Please be aware only 1 Facebook ME support group allows your dog to be posted as needing a home. That group link is below and named Managing Megaesophagus. It has a fantastic 25+ year veterinarian expert with these dogs (Dr Kathy Morris) plus others who are either long time ME dog owners/fosters or have begun this journey with the proper ME protocol that gives your dog the best chance for long quality of life. The Yahoo ME Canine Support Group is the other best option to get whatever management help needed while networking is done for the foster or forever home.

FB Managing Megaesophagus Support Group

Yahoo ME Canine Support Group

Yahoo ME Support Group;_

Find a Specialist

ME Research site

Sarah Parker’s Her and Her Dogs ME Article

Please contact us for any other files or links to help with specific problems or questions you might have. We ARE NOT veterinarians, but we can point you to possible options to find the best clinics, specialists, etc.