This is MILES

Miniature Schnauzer Miles will be staying with his owners. His family didn’t think they could give him the care he desperately needed. With support provided through specific files, discussions and suggestions, Miles has become much easier to manage and will be staying with his family forever. See the most joyous email below.


Hi Jill,

I just wanted to update you on my dog Miles that we put on your website for adoption a few weeks ago. I think I had mentioned before that I was not happy with my vet and I felt like they were not very knowledgeable about ME. We took Miles to an internal specialist and along with the info that you had given me about different treatment options- meds and so forth. The specialist was awesome and we came up with a treatment plan for Miles- he is on Cisapride and zantac and we also tried out Honest Kitchen dehydrated food. The specialist also sent us home with other medicine that can be given if he starts to get sick again along with fluids which they showed me how to administer. This way I can try to treat him at home instead of spending hundreds to thousands again. Miles is doing so well with everything and now we feel a little more prepared and able to care for him so we have decided to keep him. I just wanted to thank you for the information that you gave me. I think it really helped when I met with the specialist and gave us options that make the ME more manageable! We had really lost all hope last time he got sick but now I know we can handle it and have a plan in place. Even though I had done a lot of reading and research about ME online, your info was the best and most concise which was really helpful! Thank you so much for taking the time to help Miles!


Christine Riolino



This is TOVI

German Shepherd mix Tovi is a gorgeous baby boy whose face says it all…happiness and love makes his day. He was rescued from a shelter and was then diagnosed with ME. The rescue thankfully fostered him for whatever time it took to find his perfect forever home. As you can see, it was difficult for his foster to say goodbye, but what a joyous new life he is beginning with his new family in the other picture.



There are dozens of these loving success stories of these dogs finding their forever, safe, loving homes. Know it sometimes can take a long time for just the right home to present itself as with Tovi. He was with a rescue and fostered for at least 2 years prior to getting to his new family. Well worth the wait? He is the happiest dog ever and is not only thriving while having his own family, but he is close enough for the wonderful foster who loves him dearly to visit now and then.