IMPORTANT: There are currently too many dogs on this list to post each full bio. Please first use the contact provided. If you don’t hear back, use either my email of and request which dog you wish to see or go to the FB page Rehoming Megaesophagus Dogs | Facebook and see the bio there.


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Arlee Malamute mix Female / 9 mos With rescue

McMinnville, OR Needs a home
Ashton Mix Male / puppy Dogs 2nd Chance Rescue

TN Needs a home
Bailey  Rat Terrier Female / 15 wks Canine Companions Rescue Recon

Clarkston, MI Needs a home
Belle Boxer/Border Collie Female / 4 ½ yrs With owner 


McKinney, TX Needs a home
Benji Australian Cattle Dog/GSD mix Male / 1 ½  yrs With owner

Waco, TX Needs a home
Bennie Mix Male / 11 mos Pet Matchmaker Rescue

Bakerfield, CA Needs a home
Bitty GSD mix Female / 6 mos With rescue

Dora, AL Needs a home
Breck Lab Female / 6 mos With breeder

Waller, TX Needs a home
Brody Staffie/Terrier Male / puppy Doggie Bonez Rescue CA


San Juan Capistrano, CA Needs a home
Cami German Shepherd Female / 6 mos With owner

Valencia, CA Needs a home
Cash  Blue Nose Pit Male / 4 ½ mos With rescue


West Allis, WI Needs a home
Clover Dachshund Female / 4 mos With owner

Baltimore, MD Needs a home
Coco Staffordshire mix Male / 10 yrs With owner who saved him from neighbor

Los Angeles, CA Needs a home
Daisey Malinois/German Shepherd Fenale / 7 mos With owner

Ft Pierce, FL Needs a home
DJ (Dakota Jr) Black Lab Male / 10 mos Adopted from shelter then diagnosed with ME Hesperia, CA Needs a home
Dolly Pyrenees mix Female / 9 mos Martin County Animal Advocates

Stanton, TX Needs a home
Drake Dachshund Male / 7 mos With owner saved off Craigslist

Newnan, GA Needs a home
Gia  German Shepherd Female / 3 yrs With owner


Wilmington, DE Needs a home
Grimm German Shepherd Male / 9 mos Montana German Shepherd Rescue

Hamilton, MT Needs a home
Grumpy Bernadoodle Male / 11 wks With owner/breeder

Arvado, CO Needs a home
Ham Terrier/Basset Hound mix Male / 4 yrs With owner


Philadelphia, PA Needs a home
Harley Terrier mix Male / 11 yrs With owner

Bakerfield, CA Needs a home
Harry Kitten Male / 7 mos A Pathway to Hope

Park Ridge, NJ Needs a home
Harvey Shih Tzu Male / 8 yrs Love at First Mutt

Los Angeles, CA Needs a home
Hope  Boxer/Great Dane Female / 1 ½ yrs GDLCF Rescue

Central Florida Needs a home
Hydra Female / 4 mos Love4Satos Animal Rescue

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico Needs a home
Ivy German Shepherd Female / 2 yrs Sauver Des Chiens


Houston, TX Needs a home
Josie Border Collie Female / 10 wks With owner

Carrollton, GA Needs a home
Katie German Shepherd Female / 9 wks With an animal shelter

Seattle, WA Needs a home
Leo (NM) Miniature Dachshund Male / 2 yrs With owner

Santa Fe, NM Needs a home
Levi German Shepherd Male / 13 wks Monroe Animal Health Center

Monroe, LA Needs a home
Lisette  German Shorthair Pointer Female / 4 mos Top Dogs Rescue and Adoption


Lucerne Valley, CA Needs a home
Louie Cocker Spaniel Male / 2 yrs With owner


Lubbock, TX Needs a home
Luigi Mix Male / 2 yrs Animal Care & Protective Services

Jacksonville, FLA Needs a home
Mabel Mix Female / 2 yrs Romanian Rescue Appeal

Cumbria, UK Needs a home
Maddie German Shepherd Female / 5 yrs With rescue

Louisville, KY Needs a home
Mars Beagle mix Male / 9 wks Triangle Beagle Rescue of NC

Raleigh, NC Needs a home
Melanie  Hound mix Female / 4 yrs ASPCA Adoptive Center NYC


NYC, NY Needs a home
Merlot Cockapoo Male / 4 yrs With owner (military)

Dayton, OH Needs a home
Mikasa German Shepherd Female / 8 ½ mos With owner

Kalispell, MT Needs a home
Missy Basenji or Jack Russell Terrier mix Female / 3 yrs With vet tech who saved her from being euth’d

Rice, VA Needs a home
Mitch Cattle Dog mix Male / 1 yr Pathway to Hope Rescue

North Haledon, NJ Needs a home
Nova Pit Female / 4 ½-5 yrs With owner

Casa Grande, AZ Needs a home
Penny  Chihuahua Female /  With owner (saved off the street)

Kansas City, MO Needs a home
Pepper Chi/Min Schnauzer Female / 1 yr With owner


Monroe, LA Needs a home
Phoebe Terrier mix Female / 4 mos Dr. Teresa Sanders

Chief DVM for SA Shelter

San Antonio, TX Needs a home
Pluto Lab mix Male / 3 mos Spartanburg Humane Society

Spartanburg, SC Needs a home
Pinky German Shepherd Female / 8 wks With owner/breeder

Pestiga, WA Needs a home
Precious Mini Dachshund Female / 5 yrs DARE Rescue

Inverness, FLA Needs a home
Reed Dachshund Male / 11 yrs With owner

Kosciusko. MS Needs a home
Ricky Lab Pit mix Male / 18 mos With owner

Mission Viejo, CA Needs a home
Rogue German Shepherd Male / 4 yrs With owner

Beaumont, TX Needs a home
Roo Border Collie/Lab mix Female / 8 yrs With owner

Seaside, CA Needs a home
Rose German Shepherd Female / 6 yrs With owner – due to deploy

Virginia Beach, VA Needs a home
Ruby  German Shepherd Female / 7 wks With owner

Colorado Springs, CO Needs a home
Sadie (GA) Mix Female / 3 yrs Oconee County Animal Control


Bishop, GA Needs a home
Sadie (TX) German Shepherd Female / 4 yrs With owner (contacted by DVM)


Central TX Needs a home
Sarabi  Lowchen Female / 6 mos With owner (co-owned)


LaBelle, FLA Needs a home
Stone Great Dane Male / 7 mos Pips Rescue

Raleigh, NC Needs a home
Storm  Am Pit Bull Terrier Female / 7-8 mos With owner

Hagerstown, MD Needs a home
Striker Mix Male / 5 yrs Dekalb Animal Project

Chamblee, GA Needs a home
Tuck German Shepherd Male / 2 yrs With owner

Horse Cave, KY Needs a home
Turbo Mix Male / 2 yrs T. Russell-Reitz Animal Shelter

Manhattan, KS Needs a home
Venus Beagle mix Female / 9 wks Triangle Beagle Rescue of NC

Raleigh, NC Needs a home
Viky German Shepherd Female / 3 mos With Veterinarians

Moron de la Needs Frontera, Spain Needs a home
White German Shepherd Female / 8 wks With owner/breeder

Pestiga, WA Needs a home
Wicket Yorkie Male / 1 yr With owner

Smithsburg, MD Needs a home
Willow  Mix breed Female / 2 yrs Kanawha Charleston Humane Association (KCHA)

Charleston, WV Needs a home
Winston  Goldendoodle Female / 3 yrs With owner

Aberdeen, NC Needs a home
Yammers Chocolate Lab Male / 10-12 yrs With owner

Glendale, AZ Needs a home
Zoey German Shepherd Female / 1 yr With owner

Palm Bay, FLA Needs a home
Zuzu Red Collar White German Shepherd Male / 5 wks With owner


Greenville, SC Needs a home